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After School

Nature-Inspired Fun and Learning After School

After School & Outdoor Learning

At Green Explorers Academy, we strive to offer a unique after-school experience that’s the ideal way for your children to wind down from the day. There is no better way to foster learning and growth than by connecting with nature, and that’s why we’re proud to provide a helpful space that encourages the exploration of the outside world in order to reinforce problem-solving skills.

Research has shown that providing children with sensory experiences can help to aid in their development, and at Green Explorers Academy in Miami, children learn social, emotional, and physical boundaries through interacting with nature.

From creatively solving problems and managing risks to becoming self-starters, our after-school program helps kids develop the necessary critical thinking skills that they’ll carry throughout their entire lives. At Green Explorers Academy, we bring more than 20 years of experience to our work, and our mission is to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere to help your children grow and thrive. A safe and fun learning experience with indoor and outdoor learning classrooms, Green Explorers Academy is the perfect place to foster development in your children.


Prepaid care is available, and Green Explorers Academy provides flexible options that work for you. Learn more and contact our team today!