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Guide to Your First Day of Preschool

Guidance for Your Child’s First Day of Preschool

Preschool is a key period for a child's creative and social development. It is our goal to make learning fun for your preschooler by providing a full day of stimulating experiences.In order to prepare your kid for kindergarten and beyond it, Green Explorers Academy offers guidance for preschool classes.

Nature-base Emergent Curriculum

To help your child build the foundations for success in preschool and pre-k. Our curriculum correlates with high standards for literacy, math, social and biological science, while infused with environmental experiences from additional award winning learning initiatives developed by world recognized fundations such as the American Forestry Association and the Fish & Wild Federation.

Green Explorers Academy is uniquely equipped to provide an outstanding new approach to an educational physical environment. Your preschooler will be fascinated by all the exciting and educational activities planned.

Learn More About Us

We want your preschooler to enjoy learning, so we plan fun activities all day.Green Explorers Academy provides preschool class assistance in Miami to help your child be ready for preschool and pre-k. You can also find us by searching preschool near me on our website. Get started on your child's journey with us!

Clothing For Preschooler

Clothes that are easy to get messy but are also comfortable and seasonally appropriate for your child. Only tennis shoes or sneakers with a non-slip sole are permitted for the protection of your youngster so they won’t fall while running and playing.

Jewelry such as necklaces, hoops, and dangling earrings are not allowed since they could be pulled or caught accidentally, and it may cause damage to the little one.

Child's Classroom, What Should I Expect?

Place any additional items, such as books, clothing, or extra shoes, in your child’s locker at school. Please keep an eye on this area because it may be used to send home letters or progress reports.

Lesson plans, schedules, and other important information can be found on the communication board in your class. Make sure to check the board before and after leaving your child.