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Nature-based Learning for a Strong Foundation

At Green Explorers Academy, our curriculum is specifically designed around the roots of early childhood education and a holistic approach that focuses primarily on learning through play in nature. A learner-led form of education, we strive to foster creativity that utilizes hands-on learning that supports taking risks and interacting with the environment. Studies have shown that exploration and play factor into learning and retention, and a combination of indoor and outdoor activities help to make for a well-rounded experience.

About Outdoor Learning

From exploring nature’s pathways to interacting with leaves, sand, rocks, and more, outdoor learning encourages children to grow and learn as they play. By forming connections with the natural world by engaging in outdoor and experiential learning, children are able to create powerful, long-lasting experiences that teach them about the benefits of engaging with what’s around them.

Of course, in the midst of a global pandemic, parents are searching for unique ways to provide their kids with meaningful activities — and there’s no better place than the Great Outdoors. The more we learn about COVID, the more research points to a need for well-ventilated spaces to help stop the spread of the virus. At Green Explorers Academy in Miami, we’re taking precautions to ensure that your family stays safe by deep cleaning, sanitizing, and utilizing an electrostatic spray diffuser gun. Contact us today to learn more and expose your children to outdoor and experiential learning opportunities.